As Greece gets closer to European Parliament elections, analysts are speculating over the key issues that will sway voters as they head to the polls, and, according to To BHMA, the outcomes of several pending court cases are expected to feature prominently.

Recent reports at Public Issue revealing that 7 out of 10 Greeks distrust the country’s justice system support the analysts’ estimates about the potentially inflammatory role that any rulings connected to high-profile cases may have on voters.

According to Public Issue, some of the reasons citizens cited for their trust being shaken include: corruption, wiretapping, organized crime, pedophilia, and police violence. Citizens have also noted a general sense of lack of transparency and accountability.

The most significant cases running through the Greek justice system at this point include: a wiretapping scandal, leaked voter emails that were used by former MEP Asimakopoulou to advertise her candidacy, a ruling on whether or not the Spartans political party can participate in European elections, decisions on the Tempi train disaster, and rulings on the 2018 Mati fires which killed 104 persons.

However, decisions may serve to further erode confidence in the incumbent political party and buttress the opposition, or help New Democracy secure more support.

According to a recent Eurobarometer report, 56% percent of people polled said they are interested in the upcoming European Parliament elections, with 76% saying that they will likely vote. In line with the EU trend, the majority of Greeks (78%) acknowledge the importance of voting, particularly in view of the current geopolitical conditions.