The Greek government has been examining several different procedural scenarios for the running of European Elections in June of 2024, and sources say that Prime Minister Mitsotakis is leaning towards a single country-wide ballot, with a final decision on the matter expected in early December.

The Prime Minister already stated in September that the election of Members of the European Parliament (MEP) would occur by ballot with citizens having to place a cross next to the name of each MEP candidate. What was left open for discussion is whether or not the ballot would be country-wide or whether there would be regional ballots.

After considering the pros and cons of various approaches, a single country-wide list appears to be favored due to the fact that there are some legal complications to having ballots on a regional basis. But more importantly, a country-wide ballot is expected to maximize the chances of having MEPs elected that have the interests of the entire country in mind and are in the position to represent Greece at a European level.