Nearly a month after the electronic platform for postal voting launched and about 30 days before the registration deadline, interest in participating in the European elections is slowly rebounding. Since Feb. 19, when the digital application was activated, registrations have barely reached 40,000.

Specifically, a total of 39,739 Greeks, both within and outside the borders, have registered on the platform. However, out of the total registrations, 58.4% were made by Greeks within the country, while 16,515 were from Greeks residing abroad.

Officials from the Ministry of Interior highlight a recent increased interest from voters outside Greece. Concurrently, the Ministry launches a 30-second video campaign, introducing Greeks to the option of postal voting for the first time, stressing its convenience and encouraging registration via the electronic platform by April 29.

The bulk of registrations from abroad originates from Europe, totaling 14,306, a predictable outcome given the focus on European elections. Following at a considerable distance are North and Central America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and finally South America, with just 68 registrations. Notable among the top five countries contributing to registrations are the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the USA, and the Netherlands. Registrations have also been recorded from countries like Barbados, Ghana, and Uruguay.

In terms of demographics, the majority of those opting for postal voting in the June elections (44%) fall within the 41-60 age bracket, followed by those in their 30s. Additionally, there’s a trend suggesting that more men are choosing this method of voting.