Today, Monday, Feb. 19, marked the inauguration of the platform for registering in the electoral rolls for postal voting, a significant development for Greek citizens. Those residing within Greece can access the platform at using their tax codes, while Greeks living abroad are required to utilize their passport details. The registration process will remain active until April 29.

The Minister of Interior Niki Kerameus, provided clarity on the procedure on SKAI TV, affirming that any citizen registered in the electoral rolls possesses the option to request postal voting. “In case of any issues, voters within Greece can seek assistance from the Citizen Service Centers (KEP), while those residing abroad can contact the relevant consular authorities,” she emphasized.

To participate in the upcoming European Parliament elections, citizens are mandated to declare their location for May and specify the address where they wish to receive a letter from the Ministry of Interior. Once completed, the form must be dispatched via registered mail, at no cost to the voter, to the designated address. It is imperative that the form reaches its destination by Saturday, June 8, the day preceding the elections, to validate the application.

Should the dispatched envelope fail to reach the citizen by June 8, new supplementary lists will be issued. In such an event, individuals who had previously requested postal voting will be permitted to visit the polling stations after 11:00.

The activation of this platform represents a significant milestone for all Greeks, effectively eliminating barriers to exercising their voting rights, regardless of their geographical location.