Former European Union vice president Eva Kaili, who has been embroiled in legal scandals related to Qatargate and the alleged misuse of European Union funds, has lost her legal challenge to annul a request to lift her legislative immunity in the latter investigation, according to reports at Politico.

The request was related to an investigation into alleged fraudulent payments made to her former assistants at the European Parliament, and is being conducted by the General Court of the European Union.

The Court has dismissed Kaili’s request to retain her immunity as “inadmissible in its entirety” and supports both the European Chief Prosecutor and Parliament.

It has also stated that until the Parliament makes a final decision on the manner, Kaili will continue to benefit from privileges and immunities granted by EU law.

Regarding Qatargate, Kaili has been charged with corruption, money laundering and participating in a criminal organization. Qatargate is an ongoing scandal at the European Parliament involving allegations that Qatar, Morocco and Mauritania tried to influence various European Parliament officials by channeling cash to them.