Ruling New Democracy (ND) party continues to field a comfortable lead over now second-place PASOK and main opposition SYRIZA party, according to the latest results of a MRB opinion poll unveiled on Thursday evening.

Other highlights of the poll have the lesser opposition Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) party gaining from the last such poll, while incumbent Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues to lead in the “most suitable” category, compared to his political rivals.

Asked about their preference for the coming European Parliament election, 28% of respondents picked center-right ND, with socialist PASOK following with 9.7%. Leftist SYRIZA falls third with 8.8%. The undecided bloc among respondents reached 22.9%.

If extrapolated, the figures are ND 36.2%; PASOK 12.5%; SYRIZA 11.4%; Elliniki Lysi 9.7% and the Communist Party (KKE) 9%.

Asked about general elections, the extrapolated figures of valid responses show ND with 37.2%, followed by PASOK with 14.2% and SYRIZA with 13%.

Another two parties, Elliniki Lysi and KKE, are comfortably above the 3% threshold needed in a general election (of valid votes) for Parliament representation, with another three parties flirting at the 3% mark.

Furthermore, 53.5% of respondents said the cost of living was the biggest problem in the country, followed by healthcare, at 31.3%, and the level of incomes, 20.6%.