Turkey’s latest navy acquisition, the helicopter/drone carrier Anadolu, is taking part in the military exercise “Deniz Kurdu” (“Sea Wolf”), which is in full swing in certain areas of the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean “staked off” after the issuance of a NAVTEX for “search and rescue exercises (SAR)”.

Athens, however, which is closely monitoring the situation in the Aegean Sea, appears unperturbed by Turkey’s flagship carrier, and the neighboring country’s display of military prowess.

According to sources, Greece has been aware of the exercise for a year, as it became disclosed during discussions between the two sides regarding confidence-building measures (CBMs). Additionally, units of the Greek fleet discreetly monitor Turkish movements.

As some Greek officials comment regarding the Anadolu carrier, according to the same sources, the vessel is a “Great ship” and its size provides a “greater target”.

The exercise started on May 7, with Turkish armed forces conducting a large-scale military exercise, involving naval and aerial forces, in regions spanning the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Notably, Turkish authorities canceled the exercise in 2023 citing the thawing of relations between Greece and Turkey at that time.