Greek Prime Minister met with the newly-appointed Migration and Asylum Minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos on Monday, as part of a series of scheduled visits to ministries where leadership changed in the recent reshuffle. The PM discussed matters about Greek migration policy.

“The government’s track record is positive,” emphasized the Greek Premier, noting among other things that “we are working to increase the absorption of European funds to ensure a steady flow of financing,” with Greece aiming for a larger share.

Mitsotakis also highlighted that the “exemplary work” done by Greece in migration was being recognized by its EU partners and mentioned that the ministry is also addressing the new challenges of legal migration.

The government is satisfied with the results of its migration policy, as the flow of migrants has significantly decreased, and there is good cooperation with the Turkish authorities, the PM said.

The Greek PM’s visit to the Ministry comes ahead of a European Council meeting scheduled in Brussels later this week. The meeting will broach key EU positions, with significant interest in issues of concern to Greece, including migration.

Recent data released by the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum recorded a 154% increase in migration flows to Greece during the first quarter of 2024, compared to the same timeframe last year.