Former Greek Minister of Agriculture Lefteris Avgenakis has come under scrutiny after a video emerged showing him confronting an airport employee at Athens International Airport, triggering widespread condemnation. As a result New Democracy’s Parliamentary Secretary Stavros Kalafatis has called for Avgenakis to be held to account in response to the incident on Wednesday.

The footage depicts Avgenakis engaged in a heated altercation at the airport, prompting calls from MPs and various political factions for his immediate removal.

The Federation of Airport Workers’ Unions alleges that the ex-Greek Minister, en route from Athens to Crete, confronted staff because he missed his flight, allegedly striking one with his mobile phone, causing them to collapse at the ticket counter, and prompting airport personnel to summon police assistance.

Furthermore, the Federation cites testimonies according to which the former minister appears to have displayed arrogance in front of authorities, threatening one of the examiners that he would transfer him. Moreover, when they attempted to calm him down, he shouted, “Don’t touch me, I have immunity.”

In his initial response on Wednesday morning, Avgenakis issued an apology “for the disruption and tension,” maintaining that the incident was confined to a verbal dispute.

Despite this apology, opposition MPs have fiercely criticized Avgenakis, demanding his resignation. Government sources have remarked that had he still held a ministerial post, he would have been expected to resign immediately. However, parliamentary protocols are being observed in addressing the matter.

There is significant backlash against Avgenakis within New Democracy, with indications that his expulsion from the party may be imminent.