In the plenary session of the Parliament today, the report of the investigative committee on “the investigation of the Tempi train crash” is being discussed. The incident occurred at the southern entrance of the Tempi Valley gorge in north-central Greece in Feb. 2023, claiming the lives of 57 individuals.

The committee’s report, approved by the majority, emphasized that if the rules of the General Rules of Procedure had been strictly adhered to, the accident on Feb. 28, 2023, in Tempi, would not have occurred.

In the same report, the opinions of the opposition parties have been presented, with SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance emphasizing the need to find the guilty parties, no matter how high they may be, PASOK-Movement for Change talking about an attempt by the government to cover up the responsibilities for Tempi and the Communist Party of Greece pointing out political and criminal responsibilities of the relevant ministers from 2010 onwards.

Today’s session will begin with statements from the parties’ rapporteurs, while all opposition party leaders are expected to speak.

However, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is not expected to attend the plenary session of the Parliament today, with his associates citing his extensive prior remarks on the issue. This aligns with the government’s policy of upholding institutional separation in parliamentary affairs.