A memorial service took take place today marking the poignant one-year anniversary of a tragic train accident that unfolded at the southern entrance of the Tempi Valley gorge in north-central Greece. The incident, which occurred on February 28, 2023, claimed the lives of 57 individuals.

A passenger train, operated by Hellenic Train and carrying 350 passengers, predominantly students, departed from Larissa en route to Thessaloniki. However, it collided head-on with a commercial train from the same company. The catastrophic impact resulted in a massive explosion, engulfing the carriages in flames and leading to the loss of 57 lives.

At noon, an annual memorial service was conducted at the accident site, in remembrance of those who perished. Additionally, all parishes of the local Larissa Metropolis rang their church bells mournfully 57 times, echoing the collective grief felt by the community.

Earlier this morning, a strike rally organized by the Labor Center of Larissa unfolded, coinciding with the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the memory of the victims. Furthermore, a gathering initiated by the Larissa Regional Department of the Public Employees’ Unions (ADEDY) took place, amplifying the call for reflection and solidarity.

The individuals who met their untimely death in the accident, spanning ages from 15 to 67.