Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday reiterated that his government will continue a recent “get tough” policy vis-à-vis security problems and criminal activity on university campuses, days after separate police raids in Athens and Thessaloniki resulted in 51 misdemeanor arrests.

The raids themselves came after masked perpetrators exited the University of Athens’ Zografou campus and dormitories last week to torch some 10 vehicles in the immediate vicinity, including five school vans parked outside a private primary school.

In comments before waiting cameras as he was greeted by President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou, as part of regular briefings of the latter, Mitsotakis said “…as you all saw, there were police operations in both Athens and Thessaloniki. I want to again repeat that illegal acts will not be tolerated; the government and Greek Police will be at the forefront in rendering university institutions to those who really belong there: students and professors, so that universities remain centers of knowledge and not a refuge for those…who seek to turn them into dens of violence and a space for barren conflicts; this policy will continue.”

He also called for cooperation by independent university administrations, who he called upon to assume their responsibilities.

The latest spate of violence linked with “anti-state” groupings and self-styled “anarchist cooperatives” taking refuge on university premises came after a contentious bill was ratified earlier this month – by a ruling party majority – allowing the state’s recognition of higher education institutions in the country that are affiliates of foreign universities in good standing.

In an unrelated development, Mitsotakis said positive results have been achieved on the cost-of-living front, “but under no circumstance can we say that we’re satisfied.”

Nagging inflation, especially double-digit hikes for food prices (on an annual basis) practically every month, have taken a significant “bite” out of households’ disposable income. The problem now ranks as the most pressing in the country, according all of the latest opinion poll results.