Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis categorically denied reports that he had secretly agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during their recent meeting in Odessa, on the transfer of weaponry from Greece’s arsenal to Ukraine, following a related post by the latter on Twitter a day earlier.

“There is no agreement with Zelenskyy, these are not serious matters, I could not make secret agreements”, Mitsotakis remarked from Brussels at the end of the 2-day EC Council Summit on Friday, adding that Greece would continue to support Ukraine, without jeopardizing its operational defense capabilities.

On the issue of talks at a summit convened to focus on the common European defense and the financing, the Greek PM stressed that following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine “it is clear that a discussion on the need for European strategic self-determination has been initiated at the European level due to significant geopolitical crises.”

“Greece’s proposal for the issuance of Eurobonds for European defense is also on the table, and many countries that one could easily place in the negative camp are, in principle, positive. It is not excluded that a similar scenario to the Recovery Fund discussion amid the COVID-19 pandemic could unfold,” he added.

Regarding the war in Gaza, Mitsotakis expressed satisfaction that after five months the EU leaders had managed to formulate a common text calling for a humanitarian ceasefire, after the release of all hostages.

In an unrelated matter, he referred to the continuing hikes in cost of living in the country, saying electricity prices have decreased following government initiatives, adding that while market interventions are effective more permanent solutions like, wage raises, are needed.

Mitsotakis also commented on the most recent opinion polls, which saw a slump in his government’s approval insisting that the government was implementing its reform program, some reactions were expected.

The matter of EU-Turkish relations had been put off for an extraordinary April summit, the Greek premier said when queried.