In his weekly review of the government’s track record, its overall performance, and initiative to improve in areas it had fallen behind, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on his Facebook page outlining its major priorities and achievements so far while stressing the need to fill critical vacancies in the national health system.


“The revitalization of the National Health System (NHS) is one of our major priorities. We support and improve it in every way, not only in terms of infrastructure but also in human resources.” The PM said the aim was to address the loss of critical specialties to the private sector.


On Public Education, the Prime Minister stated the government had hired 28,300 permanent educators, underlining the reinforcement of public education remained a top priority for his government. “We have announced 10,000 permanent appointments of teachers of all specialties, the highest number of permanent appointments in recent years.”


On the unemployment front, Mitsotakis said the indicators revealed a drop in the jobless rate over the past five years, adding that thousands of new jobs had been created.

“We are first among OECD countries in the rate of job creation for ages 15-64 and also first in increasing employment for women. Regarding young people and women, I know we still lag significantly compared to the rest of Europe”, he noted.


Regarding the high cost of living and inflation, the Greek Premier remarked: “On the front of price de-escalation, our fighting continues. We have some initial encouraging data from EUROSTAT estimates indicating that the measures we took in the previous period to limit artificial discounts and improve competition are yielding results. Inflation in the category of food, alcohol, and tobacco in our country stood at 1.3% in June, compared to 2.4% in May. In these categories, we have the second lowest inflation in the Eurozone, after Finland. Similarly, a study by IELKA now records small price reductions on an annual basis.”

Climate Crisis

The Greek PM went on to comment on the strides Greece had made regarding the climate crisis and initiative to combat the problem, a global not local one, as he noted. “Addressing it [climate crisis] is not only a national issue but requires global mobilization. As a country, we are utilizing every opportunity available to us. For the first time, Greece is acquiring a new ‘technological toolkit’ with 7 microsatellites, not to look into space, but to increase its operational capabilities on Earth.”


Kyriakos Mitsotakis finally urged Greeks to watch the recent Coldplay video clip shot at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens, as it was an exceptional way to promote Greece. “A beautiful song with a unique backdrop”, he said.