Christos Staikouras, Greece’s Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, is en route to Luxembourg to attend the European Union’s Transport Ministers Council under the Belgian Presidency, where the primary agenda item will be the legislative framework for optimizing the EU’s railway network.

The agenda will focus on crucial matters such as optimizing the allocation of railway capacity across the EU, aiming to improve efficiency in cost, travel time, and environmental impact.

Concurrently, the council will address pressing road safety issues, aiming to reduce traffic accidents and enhance performance monitoring to bolster policy effectiveness within the EU.

Of particular importance is Staikouras’ involvement in the EU transport ministers’ working lunch, where discussions will center on setting priorities for the upcoming European Parliamentary term.

Topics include shaping transport policy, advancing sector legislation, and identifying necessary investments. The overarching goal is to steer towards a greener transport system, advocating for environmentally sustainable modes of transport through both policy reforms and targeted investments.

Lastly, the council will review progress on legislative initiatives concerning road and intermodal transport. This includes updates on directives governing vehicle weights and dimensions, revisions to combined transport regulations, and proposals for regulating passenger rights in multimodal travel scenarios.