Officials from the Health Ministry are examining new measures that will provide the overburdened Greek healthcare system with a much-needed boost, while also motivating its personnel.

According to reports, Ministry policy makers are considering the implementation of several measures. First, despite objections from healthcare unions, the ministry may introduce afternoon surgeries. These will have to be paid for by the patient, but the price will be set by the ministry.

The second measure under consideration are financial benefits for doctors working in remote areas. Thus, while doctors covering remote areas will be given a financial incentive worked out by means of a complicated algorithm, their time of service in such areas will be reduced.

Thirdly, doctors working in the national health care system will be allowed to also work privately, as long as certain criteria are met, and last tax relief measures for doctors are also considered in certain situations.

Speaking to the newspaper, Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis said the national health care system is heavily burdened and that rapid reforms are needed to allow doctors in the National health care system to increase their income legally.