The Hellenic Navy conducted a training exercise on July 2-3 in the Ionian Sea with the naval forces successfully testing an assortment of missile types.

A range of sea vessels took part, including Frigates (CFC), Fast Boats (CFS), Patrol Boats (CPB), Helicopters (HEL) from the Naval Aviation Command (NAC), as well as aircraft from the Air Force.

The exercise was carried out in the presence of the Chief of the Navy General Staff (H.N.G.S.) Vice Admiral Dimitrios E. Kataras.

The naval personnel was geared towards testing simultaneous surface-to-surface missile attacks against enemy ships. Notably, after 25 years, surface-to-surface Harpoon missiles were used, launched from the two oldest but very powerful frigates in the fleet, the frigate Elli and the frigate Limnos.

The training involved missile launches with Exocet Block II missiles in choppy seas as the images show, while the operational plan also tested anti-aircraft systems installed on the warships.

The ESSM sparrow missiles were also launched from a MEKO-type frigate.

During the exercise designated sea targets were successfully sunk by the missiles, an official statement by the Hellenic Navy read.

The drill is part of the annual operational training program of the Fleet Headquarters units, aimed at evaluating and enhancing the combat capability and operational readiness of the participants, the statement concludes.

Photos from Exercise in the Ionian Sea

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