As the Dutch-based multinational banking and financial services corporation estimates, the number of overnight stays is set to surpass the pre-Covid period for the first time with Portugal expecting a record for 2023 (excluding the last 3 months of the previous year).

The Minister, who openly opposed the bill during a cabinet meeting recently, said his criticism was founded on three main objections, including two Human Rights rulings in 20210 and 2017, the provision of Article 21 of the Greek Constitution, and the disparity between the two legal traditions, the English Common Law, and the Continental European civil Law which Greece follows.

Commenting on the allusion by Dimon to an Economist cover about the Greek economy, the Prime Minister reflected on the progress Greece had made. “Especially from 2019 onwards, I believe what we have achieved on behalf of the Greek people is significant.”

According to the announcement, EPPO’s investigation into crimes related to the signaling systems started in November 28, 2022. The project was 85% funded by the EU’s Cohesion Fund program under “Modernization of Signaling-Telecommunications and Installation of the European Train Control System”.

The same sources highlight another key aspect in Athens-Washington relations regarding military equipment. In the aftermath of the developments with Joe Biden’s letter to the U.S. Congress regarding the F-16s Turkey wants Greece underscores the significance of ensuring that the fighter jets should not be used against the country.