Nikos Dendias will sign Greece’s accession to the European Sky Shield initiative, a German initiative for missile protection. “I should note that Turkey will also join the same day,” said the Minister of National Defense.

Cosco Shipping Ports announced that 281.8 thousand TEU – twenty-foot equivalent unit, a measure of volume in units of twenty-foot long containers – were circulated in January, compared to 322.8 thousand TEU in the same month last year (a decrease of 12.7%).

The report notes that consumption growth remained notably reduced despite a robust recovery in 2022, adding however, that it remained one of the main drivers of growth last year.

Greece, currently counts at least five confirmed cases of the measles among adults, while during the previous epidemic surge (2017-2018), more than 3,200 cases were recorded.
According to Associate Professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the University of Athens, Gikas Magiorkinis the resurgence of measles in Europe can be attributed to incomplete or omitted vaccinations. “Measles, highly preventable through vaccination, exhibits over 99% effectiveness when the vaccination schedule is completed,” he explains.

Beyond the already considerable popularity of the series, which has just begun airing, numerous media outlets from the United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond, are highlighting the filming locations, including Paros, ensuring significant exposure for the Cycladic Island.