The very popular central Cyclades island of Paros serves as a the backdrop of the Netflix series ‘One Day,’ which has already begun airing and is captivating audiences worldwide. Filming took place on the island in September 2022 at picturesque Santa Maria beach and other locations serving as backdrops in the fourth episode of the series.

The latter, derived from a bestselling novel by David Nicholls, which later became a film featuring Anne Hathaway, promises a compelling love story that resonates with fans of the book and movie, as well as newcomers on Netflix.

Beyond the already considerable popularity of the series, which has just begun airing, numerous media outlets from the United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond, are highlighting the filming locations, including Paros, ensuring significant exposure for the Cycladic Island.

According to findings gathered by the MTC GROUP, an advisory firm for the Paros Municipality, selecting filming locations for movies or series yields substantial economic advantages for local communities throughout the duration of filming, in addition to boosting the destination’s visibility.

Furthermore, a study commissioned by Tendance Hotellerie reveals that documentaries, movies, and TV series have become the second most influential factor inspiring travel (20%), surpassing social media (13%) and ranking behind recommendations from friends or relatives (42%).