In absolute numbers the smokers in Greece correspond to 2.2 million people, the majority of whom are male aged between 35-54, a number that has remained unchanged over the past years.

Major cruise lines are avoiding the area by canceling or adjusting itineraries, and have not scheduled any passage in the area until the Spring.

The study, carried out on behalf of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH), found that the Greek hospitality sector is in immediate need of 30,000 employees to meet the tourist demand.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, WWF Greece claims that if approved the bill will allow the uncontrolled “commercial exploitation” of the country’s coasts, river and lake beds, and beaches at a particularly crucial time when the climate crisis is imminent.

More specifically, the North Aegean ranked 3rd from the bottom among the 242 European regions included in the report, recording one of the lowest per capita GDPs.