Instability in the Red Sea region is expected to boost cruise ship tourism to Greece in the coming months and over the summer, according to reports at the Athens Macedonian News Agency (AMNA).

Major cruise lines are avoiding the area by canceling or adjusting itineraries, and have not scheduled any passage in the area until the Spring.

For example, Carnival Cruises has announced that it will divert twelve cruise ships around the Cape of Good Horn on account of the attacks, but has not offered more information on which ships it is referring to.

Despite the rerouting, Carnival will have its best booking position ever, and has stated that the first half of 2024 is already almost fully booked.

The President of the Union of Cruise Ship Owners and Maritime Agencies (EEKFN) Giorgos Koumbenas pointed out that ships that have been active in the Red Sea are naturally opting for the greater safety of nearby Mediterranean countries like Greece.

He says that companies are already looking for alternate ports in the Aegean and Ionion and, as a result, he sees 2024 passenger arrivals increasing 10%.

Data from the port of Piraeus, however, shows that bookings for the summer of 2024 have already increased 37.11%.

Moreover, cruise ships have started their journeys earlier than ever and even Thessaloniki’s port has been put on the map, and expects Celebrity Cruises “Celebrity Infinity” ship to visit the port twenty times in 2024.