As hostilities in the Israel-Gaza war continue, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he was dissolving the country’s six-member war cabinet on Monday.

This decision follows the resignations of two of his partners and hard-liners Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot from the coalition government. According to Netanyahu, no new war cabinet will be formed by the coalition party leaders.

The Israeli Prime Minister will now refer issues to the political-security cabinet for consultation while continuing to make sensitive decisions via a smaller advisory group.

Netanyahu’s far-right coalition partners have been pushing for a new war cabinet to be established after the more moderate Benny Gantz quit the emergency government.

Eisenkot, who served as a war cabinet observer from the start of the war in Gaza until his party departed from the government last Sunday, accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of putting off a vote in that forum authorizing the Israel Defense Forces’ operation in Rafah, causing it to be delayed by three months.