Labour and Social Affairs Minister Domna Michailidou on Monday pledged that the government will reduce non-wage costs burdening businesses by an additional percentage point, speaking during an Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s board meeting.

“We want to make wage employment more attractive by giving employers the opportunity to offer the best possible salaries,” she said.

Michailidou detailed the implementation of the “Digital Work Card” and its benefits for both employees and healthy entrepreneurship.

The full implementation of the card by businesses in the sectors of industry and retail begins on July 1, 2024.

“These sectors now have ample time to adapt to the complexities of the ‘ERGANI II’ project and align with its requirements before its launch on July 1,” she stressed.
She reassured that employees’ rights will be safeguarded, with any changes in working hours and overtime being meticulously recorded in the system.

Furthermore, the minister addressed the imperative for equipping the nation’s workforce with essential skills. “Our primary focus is on executing and crafting proactive employment and retraining strategies. With the necessary financial resources at our disposal, we will highlight the unique attributes of both the unemployed and those participating in retraining initiatives, leveraging pilot initiatives within municipalities,” she emphasized.