The Ministry of Development is promoting new initiatives in the battle against high prices, aiming to end price hikes, stabilize prices, and gradually reduce them, especially for products essential for household living. One of the planned changes concerns the platform of the Market Observatory

Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, speaking on MEGA TV, emphasized that “In the near future, we will enhance ‘e-Consumer’ (e-katanalotis) so that households can compile their own lists of products before leaving home and instantly locate nearby stores where these items are available at a lower price.”

Users will be able to input their shopping list into ‘e-Consumer’(e-katanalotis), and the platform then showcases 10-12 stores where the listed products are available, presenting the most cost-effective options for each item.

Furthermore, Skrekas highlighted high prices as the foremost challenge for Greek families. The minister stressed the need to prevent profiteering through rigorous checks, which have shown some progress in curbing unfair practices. He emphasized the dissatisfaction felt when households struggle to afford essential items at supermarkets.

However, despite the announcements of the Ministry of Development, it seems that the measures have not yielded the desired results yet. Comparing the price increases in meat, across Europe, Greece ranked 7th among countries with the highest price increases, with a rate of 4.8%, surpassing the average European increase. In Jan. 2024, meat prices in Greece rose by 6% annually.