A new draft law for the utilization of public property in coastal areas in Greece, which has been put up for public consultation, aims to set limits to the exploitation of beach areas.

According to the bill. mandatory free access for the public will be maintained for 50% of the beach area exploited by hotels, restaurants, or other businesses. Businesses must ensure the free, unobstructed passage of the public to the beach and shore. Those who obstruct public access to the sea, the shore, and the beach will face fines of up to €60,000.

Additionally, they are obliged to facilitate the use of the beach and shore for individuals with disabilities, install showers and changing rooms for the convenience of the public, and ensure the presence of a lifeguard.

According to the draft law concessions for beach areas will be conducted electronically by the Public Real Estate Service. Limits are set on the beach area that can be granted, as well as the extent of each concession.

Furthermore, drones are enlisted for supervision, and citizens are brought into the monitoring process reporting violations through a dedicated mobile application.

Finally, anyone causing any alterations to the beach or shore without a permit, or in excess of it, regardless of the damage they cause, will be punished by imprisonment.

“In the future, there will be ‘untouchable beaches.’ Concessionaires on the beaches will have strict obligations,” stated the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis. Adding that “the penalties will be severe, potentially leading to the closure of businesses.”