Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned other world leaders attending the international summit for peace in Ukraine at Bürgenstock, Switzerland, of what he called the global ramifications of the Ukrainian conflict on food security. He highlighted the need to maintain a steady supply chain for essential food items amid the crisis.

Mitsotakis underscored Greece’s backing for initiatives, such as the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes and Ukraine’s export corridor, which have bolstered agricultural exports. He also advocated for expanding transport routes and enhancing what he called “solidarity lanes to ensure access to the Aegean.

In again committing his government’s support, Mitsotakis pledged efforts to strengthen food security through maritime transport solutions and the development of storage and distribution facilities.

Emphasizing the critical role of open maritime routes in the Black Sea and the Red Sea, he highlighted Greece’s merchant fleet as pivotal to global food supply chains. He stressed the necessity of collective action to stabilize markets and mitigate food price fluctuations.

Addressing the conference’s plenary session, Mitsotakis expressed satisfaction with the joint communiqué’s focus on safeguarding free and safe commercial navigation and supporting Ukraine’s infrastructure integrity, vital for global food stability.

He further articulated the broader implications of the conflict, emphasizing the reaffirmation of international norms and the United Nations Charter’s supremacy. Mitsotakis underscored Greece’s solidarity with Ukraine in defending its sovereignty and called for credible negotiations leading to a just and enduring peace.

Lastly, Mitsotakis reaffirmed the paramount importance of upholding international humanitarian and human rights laws, extending beyond Ukraine to regions such as Gaza and Sudan.

He emphasized the critical need to prioritize the protection of civilians, ensure the safe return of children who have been unlawfully removed from their country or forcibly transferred, and secure the release of civilians held illegally. Mitsotakis also stressed the importance of advancing additional exchanges of prisoners of war in these efforts.