Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis paid a surprising visit to a supermarket in downtown Athens amid the government’s fight against inflation.

Mitsotakis addressed the issue plaguing Greek households as supermarket prices have skyrocketed, especially in products such as milk.

To note, the past two years witnessed double-digit and high single-digit inflation rates for food prices on an almost monthly basis. The government has implemented several measures to combat the problem, including the most recent initiative introduced last Friday, which aims at an initial de-escalation in prices for seven main categories of goods, along with a decrease in cost of 3,900 primary goods.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Development Minister Kostas Skrekas, who himself visited supermarkets around Athens on the day the new measures took effect.

According to Skrekas, “the measures we’ve taken are permanent, structural and aimed at correcting decades of structural distortions in the market. Our goal is to help all citizens in the face of the major problem of high cost of living, and which will lead to a permanent de-escalation of inflation.”