Ahead of next week’s NATO Summit in Washington DC, Poland has announced that it will seek the help and experience of Greece, Finland and Germany to better police its border with Belarus, says Reuters.

Although migration flows between Poland and Belarus pale in comparison with other parts of Europe, such as the eastern and western Mediterranean, Poland has been pushing for joint NATO action to better enforce its eastern border and had a meeting with Germany earlier in the week on the matter.

A Reuters report quotes a senior official of Poland as saying the country is concerned about growing migration pressures from the east into Europe and that much can be learned from experienced countries like Greece.

In the ongoing crisis with Ukraine, Belarus, a known ally of Russia, has been accused of using migrants as a weapon in a form of hybrid warfare.

And while the numbers are not going up just yet, the official told press that they could rise in the near future and possibly include people trained to attack Polish soldiers.

The discussions are part of a growing call from some EU countries to have more assistance from the EU and NATO in defending their borders.