Greek opposition party SYRIZA announced their list of over 150 candidates that will compete in preliminaries on April 14th in the hopes of representing the party in this year’s European Parliamentarian elections, scheduled for June 9th.

Meanwhile, New Democracy announced a list of candidates that it will be putting forth just last week.

Related to the announcement, SYRIZA said that its list of candidates is for the primaries, which will be held on April 14. And added that “the renewal of Syriza’s figures is an important step towards the reconstruction of the party.”

Since the resignation of former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras from the leadership of SYRIZA, the party has splintered, and party officials and members quit in droves.

The most crucial wave of departures took place when eleven SYRIZA members of Parliament declared their independence, claiming unreconcilable political differences with the new President of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis and his team.

Some have considered the developments to mark the end of the Greek Left as we know it.  And ever since the falling out between members, Kasselakis is attempting to rebuild the party and reformulate its identity.