A representative of the US State Department on Monday reaffirmed Washington’s unwavering commitment to the Prespa Agreement and the integration of the Republic of North Macedonia into Euro-Atlantic institutions, following recent presidential elections in the neighboring country.

The spokesperson responded to press questions regarding new president Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova’s use of the stand-alone term “Macedonia”, instead of “North Macedonia,” as stipulated in the Prespa Agreement for the constitutional name, during the swearing-in ceremony.

This was a violation of the Prespa Agreement, which mandates the use of “North Macedonia” for all official purposes, and drew a strong reaction from the Prime Minister of Greece shortly after it happened, as well as from top European Union officials.

The State Department spokesperson emphasized that “the United States remains steadfastly dedicated to upholding the Prespa Agreement and supporting North Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. As a new government is established and a prime minister is selected, we will continue to stress the importance of honoring international agreements and highlight the advantages of full European Union membership.”