The Greek startup, iCOMAT, headquartered in Bristol, is carving out its own success story by spearheading technological advancements across defense, aerospace, automotive, and space sectors.

With a 22.5 million dollars funding injection secured through a NATO subscription, Greek startup iCOMAT has attracted investment interest from various quarters. Leading the charge is the American investment fund 8VC, while NATO’s Innovation Fund has made a significant contribution, fueling iCOMAT’s further development.

Specializing in robotic machinery, iCOMAT is at the forefront of manufacturing critical components, such as airplane wings, using advanced composite materials like carbon fibers.

Their groundbreaking automated production technology has reshaped aerospace and automotive industries, delivering structures that are not only lighter and stronger but also environmentally friendly.

This innovation responds to the growing demand for swift production of lightweight vehicles, significantly enhancing defense capabilities while aiding in emissions reduction, thanks to advancements in composite materials and carbon fibers.

Pioneering the world’s first fiber steering production technology, iCOMAT allows for precise optimization of structural properties at any given point. This breakthrough innovation can slash weight by 10 to 65% compared to current commercial solutions and boost production rates by tenfold.

With a robust client base spanning over 25 partners in aerospace, automotive, and defense sectors, iCOMAT has successfully supplied showcase components for highly demanding applications, including fighter aircraft panels, space launcher structures, and Formula 1 components.

Dr. Evangelos Zympeloudis, iCOMAT’s founder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with investors, emphasizing their shared mission to revolutionize transportation by providing exceptionally lightweight constructions and vehicles.