The Federation of Public Sector Unions (ADEDY) declared a nationwide work stoppage for today, Thursday, December 14th, asserting demands for “real salary increases and not deceitful incremental raises.” The strike is scheduled from 10:00 AM until the end of the workday.

Supporting the strike action resolved at the 49th Congress of POE-OTA (municipal workers’ union), ADEDY has called for a nationwide work stoppage from 10:00 am until the close of business on Thursday, December 14th. The primary demand is for the permanent employment of contracted workers.

At 11:00 am, a protest gathering is planned at Karaiskaki Square (Metro Metaxourgeio) in downtown Athens, followed by a march “against the anti-people budget of the New Democracy government,” as stated in ADEDY’s announcement.

Their key demands include:

  • Genuine salary increases.
  • Immediate reinstatement of bonuses.
  • Removal of the freeze imposed during the 2016-2017 period.
  • Abolition of the 2% contribution for unemployment.
  • Increase and expansion of allowances for hazardous and unhealthy work.
  • Raise the non-taxable threshold to €12,000.
  • Collective labor agreements in the public sector.
  • Permanent employment for contracted workers and the hiring of permanent staff across the entire public sector.