The state-run bus service in the greater Athens-Piraeus (OASA) area this week announced that it has installed 12 new traffic cameras to monitor bus-only lanes in Greece’s largest urban agglomeration, with the intent being to then send, by mail, 200-euro fines to offending drivers, according to a report by Greek state broadcaster ERT.

The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), as the mass transit service is officially called, in cooperation with Greek Police’s (EL.AS) traffic division, aims to improve bus-lane compliance.

Nevertheless, in television footage showed by ERT, most drivers appear oblivious to the surveillance and the possibility of receiving a hefty fine in the mail.

The cameras will operate daily from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., and are located along three main boulevards in central Athens, namely, Vassilissis Sofias, Kifissias, Mesogeion and Alexandras.

The cameras take a color image of vehicles found in a specific spot of the restricted lane, especially their front license plate, but also record speed, direction, date and time for the possible imposition of other traffic code-related fines.

The owner of a vehicle identified as violating a traffic code, based on the license plate, is then mailed the fine to a listed residence.