Athens Mayor Haris Doukas has recently entered a pact of collaboration with Deputy Foreign Minister George Kotsiras, focusing on accommodating children from the Greek Diaspora at the Municipal Camps in Agios Andreas, Attica. This initiative aims to bolster connections between Diaspora Greeks and their homeland.

As outlined in the Memorandum of Cooperation, the camps situated in Agios Andreas, Attica, are set to extend their hospitality to a minimum of 200 children from the Greek Diaspora every summer. With 50 children for each camping session, families will bear no financial burden in ensuring their participation.

The camping initiative promises an enriching itinerary, featuring excursions to iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, alongside educational experiences at Ancient Olympia.

Specifically crafted activities will immerse children from the Greek Diaspora in language lessons and cultural exploration, all orchestrated in partnership with the University of Western Macedonia.

This year’s participants will include children between the ages 8 to 17, hailing from various corners of the globe including Constantinople, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Canada, and Brazil. Notably, a dedicated camping period will be reserved for children of the Ukrainian Diaspora.

Mayor Haris Doukas of Athens articulated the program’s significance, emphasizing its role in nurturing a profound connection to Greek language, contemporary culture, and historical heritage among the generation of Diaspora Greeks.