According to a report by the journalist group Lighthouse reports, 22.74% of migrants employed in Greece are overqualified for their jobs, which is second only to Italy.

Italy is the worst country in terms of over-qualification, where two-thirds of immigrants are over-qualified compared to 41.3% of natives, said Lighthouse.

Considering the labor shortages throughout Europe in a variety of sectors, the information is pertinent because it points to a need to create a pathway for the recognition of academic qualifications of migrants.

Additionally, it indicates that a host of other structural issues in the labor market must be rectified to enable migrants to flourish.

According to the European Commission, brain waste is the non-recognition of skills and qualifications acquired by migrants outside of the EU.

It impacts women more than men and, across Europe, 47.5% of college-educated immigrants are overqualified for their jobs compared to natives.

In order to calculate brain waste, Lighthouse reports considered the rate at which college-educated migrants are overqualified for their current jobs, are unemployed compared to college educated natives and are underemployed compared to natives with the same education.

Lighthouse reports says that the European economy could grow by 33.8 billion euros if the structural discrimination was rectified.