One man was killed and another three injured in the downtown Piraeus on Tuesday morning when a building under renovation partially collapsed.

The victim was identified as a 31-year-old police guard, who was off-duty at the time and reportedly helping out the work crew.

The private building, located in the Pasalimani marina district (Neorion street), was described as old and in disrepair.

In a later appearance on a local television station, Piraeus Mayor Yannis Moralis said building permits for various small-scale interventions had been issued. “It’s my assessment that half a building cannot collapse from such small-scale work. We’re waiting for the investigation.”

Two dozen firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, along with an emergency search and rescue team and a K-9 unit.

Seven people reportedly identified as supervisors or workers were detained by police at the scene in order to provide testimony and statements.