CBD infused gummies are the new trend among teenagers and young adults, raising significant alarm among parents and experts.

This type of candy is legally sold in kiosks around the country and can cost as low as 4.5 euros or up to 39 euros. Users can be seen taking the sweets in Tik Tok videos and making trap songs about the substance.

The Union of Doctors of Hospitals in Athens-Piraeus President Matina Pagoni comments, “Cannabis gummies can cause dizziness, hypotension, but of course, it depends on the quantity you use. If you don’t know the right amount to consume, fainting episodes can even occur.”

Consuming them in large quantities can even cause intense negative effects including psychoactive changes, as was seen in early November, when a 20-year-old ended up in the hospital after consuming the candy.

Even though minors are prohibited from buying the substance, it is relatively easy for it to end up in their hands, especially through online purchases.

A CBD vendor comments “Anyone can press a button saying they are over 18 and place an order. We try to make sure they are not underage. We get them on the phone to hear who is ordering and might even ask for payment via credit card, which gives us some assurance that they are adults. However, we still cannot be entirely sure.”