A freighter carrying a crew of 14 and a cargo of salt sank in a maritime region some 4.5 nautical miles southwest of the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos. A rescue operation is underway in the area. The vessel departed from the port of Dekheila, in Egypt, with a final destination being Istanbul, as reported by the state-run Athens News Agency.

Meanwhile, a Hellenic Navy frigate was sent to the area to aid in search operations. The crew was comprised of two Syrian nationals, four Indians, and eight Egyptians. Strong northwesterly winds of 8 Beaufort were hindering rescue operations.

Five nearby ships and coast guard three vessels are present in the area. Additionally, two military helicopters were deployed as part of the response efforts.

The vessel named “RAPTOR,” flying the flag of Comoros, had 14 people on board – one Indian, eleven Egyptians, and two Syrians. The Egyptian was located by a navy helicopter on top of a barrel, transferred to the hospital, and is in good health.

The search and rescue operations are ongoing under adverse weather conditions.