This year’s Christmas table is going to cost households more, as the price of foodstuffs has skyrocketed.

According to data from the consumer institute, the increase will range from 10% to 20% and the festive season table will cost a family of four almost €150 in 2023, compared with €127 last year.

The higher product prices, especially for meat, olive oil and sweets, could not leave the Christmas table unaffected, with consumers counting both the people who will be sitting round the table on the day and the cost of feeding them.

The Christmas Basket, which will come into effect on 13 December and remain in place until January 3, will include goods including lamb, goat, turkey, the traditional sweet tsoureki bread, the traditional Greek New Year vasilopita cake, and chocolate.

Prices for the festive season table will range as follows:

Lamb: 13-14€/kg,

Turkey: €10-12/kg

Pork: 7.5-9€/kg

Tomatoes: 2.20-2.30/kg

Feta cheese: 10-14.30/kg

Soft drinks: €1.30/piece

Wine: €4.5-€5.5/l

Traditional sweets: €16/kg

Giorgos Lehouritis, President of the Institute of Consumers, said that “What is certain is that with the research we did in the market and the answers we got, there will be an increase of 10-20%. It has not been an easy year. We could say every Old Year is better and ever New Year worse”.

It is up to the consumer now to hunt down any bargains and stock up for the holidays.