“Uncomfortable” would be the word to describe the weather in Greece on Sunday, as a a cocktail of African dust, humidity, muddy showers, and high temperatures will create a stifling atmosphere over the country. The skies in the across the Attica region have been painted an unappealing brown hue, while authorities continue to warn people of the health risks associated with the phenomenon.

Meteorologists expect the conditions to persist until at least Wednesday.

According to meteo.gr the weather in Attica will be a bit cloudy at first, but will become denser as dust concentrations increase in the atmosphere. Temperatures will range from 21 to 31 degrees Celsius, but will be 2-3 degrees chillier in the northern and eastern parts of the region.

Local rains are expected in the morning in Macedonia, Thrace, and possibly the islands of the Northern Aegean, while local showers and even isolated thunderstorms are expected during the midday and afternoon in the mountainous areas of Epirus region, Macedonia, central and western mainland, as well as the Peloponnese.

Where rain is due, dust will turn the raindrops red, so no point in washing your car for a few days.

The Ministry of Health has issued several recommended measures for citizens to protect themselves against the high concentrations of dust, including:

  • Staying indoors, especially in areas with high dust concentrations, with closed windows, doors and entrances, so as to minimize contact with the air outside.
  • Using the recirculation system on the air conditioning to keep the quality of the air inside the house as uncontaminated as possible. Cleaning the air conditioning filters is also essential.
  • Avoiding sources of indoor air contamination, like smoking, barbecuing, lighting a fireplace, using air sprays among others.