The Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) reported a notable hike in the cost of the Christmas table this year, showing an increase ranging between 10.8% to 11.4%, compared to last year. According to findings from the Institute of Commerce and Services of ESEE (INEMY-ESEE), this increase has been measured against the corresponding costs in 2022.

INEMY-ESEE followed its established practices by on-site price recordings, interviews with market analysts and scrutinizing prices of both supermarket chains and specialty retail outlets (such as patisseries, butcher shops etc.), along with the main meat and fish market of Athens.

The estimated cost for this year’s Christmas table, seating six to eight individuals, is reported to range between €103.10 and €140.76. This represents an increase of approximately 10.8% to 11.4% in comparison to last year’s festive occasion.

It’s essential to note that the price range reflects variations in product quality, encompassing diverse local markets and different types of stores. Moreover, the reported prices serve as indicators, attempting to outline the general price distribution and market overview.
ESEE clarified that certain items traditionally associated with the “festive basket” have not been included in this assessment, aiming for consistency with previous INEMY surveys regarding the estimation of Christmas table costs.

Items such as melomakarona and kourabiedes, customary treats during the festive season, are consistently recorded, although they are not part of the standard household or festive baskets.

Following the holiday season, INEMY-ESEE announced plans to conduct a nationwide survey concerning sales performance during the festive period in retail businesses. This initiative aims to offer insights into how retail trade fared during the holiday season, according to the state-run Athens News Agency.