A dead body was found in the sea northeast of Athens near Schinias beach with a 10-kilogram weight tied to its leg, according to MEGA TV.

Authorities are investigating whether the death was a suicide or if foul play was involved.

The coastguard was alerted by a beachgoer at Schinias, near the historical site of Marathon, who noticed something floating in the water.

When authorities attempted to retrieve the body, they discovered a weight tied to its leg, similar to those used in gyms.

Authorities estimate that the deceased, approximately 45 years old, had been in the water for around 20 days before becoming septic and floating to the surface.

Greek police are examining reports of missing persons and hope to identify the body through its tattoos.

Speaking to MEGA TV, police analyst Stavros Balaskas noted that the body did not have its hands tied, initially leading the coastguard to consider it a case of suicide.

However, Balaskas mentioned that the tattoos on the deceased are associated with “a certain group of people,” prompting authorities to consider the possibility of murder.