Greek Police arrested six individuals, including two minors, in Athens this week on felony drug trafficking charges, after their alleged involvement that has left a 16-year-old teen girl comatose and in critical condition.

The reputed gang members reportedly provided a “cocktail” of powerful narcotics to the teenage girl in a house in the east Athens district of Vyronas, resulting in an overdose.

One of the drugs, called “shisha” and known as a “poor man’s cocaine”, is a psychoactive narcotic made up of ingredients like chlorine, battery acid and engine oil.

According to reports, the suspects would lead users to the specific residence and provide them with the concoction, with the drugs often stored elsewhere.

According to police statements aired on local television, the teenager was coerced by the suspects to take the notorious drug concoction.

A friend of the 16-year-old testified, in the presence of a psychologist, said the girl had also consumed heroin and a substance called “lyrica”, which is the drug pregabalin, used to treat epilepsy and anxiety.

The teen girl remains in an intensive care unit at an Athens hospital and remains in a coma.