An explosive device comprised of two separate bombs was discovered on Monday some 100 meters from the headquarters of Greek Police’s riot squad, near sports facilities in a park and across from one of the entrances to the Athens University campus in the east Athens district of Goudi.

The explosive device had two plastic containers side-by-side, with one containing gelatine dynamite and the other C4. Each of the two containers was attached with a detonator, a battery and a timer synchronized to explode simultaneously.

The entire device was placed in a black plastic bag left on the sidewalk and against an outside wall of the camp housing the riot police headquarters.

The bomb’s placement, although discovered and neutralized, comes nearly five years after the last bomb attack, on Dec. 17, 2018, against the office building housing the Skai broadcaster in the southern coastal Athens district of Neo Faliro. That explosion caused significant damage, with responsibility taken by a self-described far-left gang called “Group of Popular Fighters”, as an unknown caller claimed at the time.