Ferry tickets in Greece have become prohibitively expensive, putting a strain on the finances of ordinary citizens, particularly with the summer holidays looming. For a family of four, a trip to an island requires a whole paycheck.

Despite concerns from the government and the Ministry of Shipping regarding the steep prices, they are reluctant to intervene, citing a commitment to a free market approach.

However, last summer saw similar concerns prompting government action post-holiday, with ferry companies offering discounts to families, though many had already paid premium fares.

The pricing disparity is stark on inter-island routes served by high-speed ferries, where distance appears to have little impact. A ticket from the island of Paros to Santorini, covering 44 nautical miles, costs the same as one to Mykonos, a mere 24 miles away, each priced at 59 euros.

Taking your car to the island isn’t any cheaper. The expenses are significant ranging from 419 euros for the sporadic Skiathos to a hefty 1,029 euros for Rhodes in the Aegean Sea

Despite mounting pressure, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Christos Stylianides, stands firm on market freedom, cautioning against price interventions.

Meanwhile, with summer drawing closer, travelers are left to book their trips at persistently high prices.