The surge in gasoline prices persists unabated in Greece. As reported by the price observatory of the Ministry of Development in Athens, the current average price hovers at 1.96 euros, with certain regions breaching the 2 euro mark.

Meanwhile, particularly in the Greek archipelago, fuel prices are notably higher. Take, for instance, the island of Kimolos in the Aegean Sea, where prices have soared to 2.43euros per liter. This surge comes just before Easter, a time when many urban dwellers traditionally flock to the countryside.

Insights from the Greek fuel market suggest that these prices may climb even further in the near future.

In the greater Athens area, unleaded gasoline prices have breached the 2 euro threshold. Notably, Melissia, northest of Athens center, tops the list at 2.059 euros per liter, closely followed by Palaio (Paleo) Faliro, a coastal suburb in the southern part of Athens, at 2.028 euros per liter, with Varkiza, also in the southern Athens suburbs, offering the lowest price at 1.999 euros per liter.

However, the cost of unleaded gasoline is even steeper on the Greek islands, reaching 2.40 euros per liter on average. Kimolos stands out with prices hitting 2.43 euros per liter, while Cycladic Andros follows closely at 2.37 euros per liter, and Kythnos, also in the Cyclades, offers the cheapest rate at 2.33 euros per liter.