Greek authorities are investigating a mass outbreak of ‘gastroenteritis’ in the central Greece region of Magnesia, prompting the closure of schools and a ban on using the public water supply, even while cooking, as health authorities conduct tests on water samples, according to reports at MEGA Tv.

Last week over 100 people, mostly young children, those with weak immune systems and even some elderly, reported gastroenteritis-like systems including high fevers and headed to local health clinics and the main hospital of the regi0n in the city of Volos.

Health authorities were suspicious that the outbreak could be connected to the local water supply so, on Saturday, June 1, authorities told inhabitants not to use the water until further notice, including for cooking food, and have closed schools.

Initial scientific analysis of water samples show that the gastroenteritis-like symptoms could indeed be linked to the water and have even found traces of salmonella in the water supply, said MEGA Tv.

The recent development is more bad news for a region that was so heavily afflicted by storm Daniel this past autumn, and continues to struggle with returning to a state of normalcy following the mass floods.