Another instance of animal cruelty shocked Greece this week after a male husky, called Oliver, was found on Monday evening viciously tortured and raped with an object.

The appalling incident took place in the south-central mountainous town of Arachova, one of Greece’s most popular winter destinations.

The unfortunate canine was found barely alive by its owner, and with its muzzle reportedly taped closed, far from the yard behind the residence it was kept. The animal was missing for a day after going missing from a yard behind the residence it was kept.

Veterinarians said the animal was repeatedly hit in the head, had broken ribs and had been sexually assaulted with an object.

A police investigation has begun into the incident and media coverage has been extensive.

Under Greece’s revised – after 2019 – penal code, a suspect or suspects convicted of felonious animal cruelty serves a mandatory prison sentence and is imposed a hefty fine.