Greek cities still have a long way to go before they become pedestrian friendly, according to the findings of “The World’s Most Walkable Cities” report released recently by Australian website Comparethemarket.

More specifically, according to the assessment of 53 locations based on availability of walking and bike trails, safety, public transport cost, car free locations, distance to services, and rainfall, the Greek city of Patra was listed as the second least walkable city in the world. The report’s analysts compared it to Cairo, citing complete lack of pedestrian walkways for the ranking. Additionally, Thessaloniki was also the next lowest scoring city ranking 30th.

Meanwhile, nine out of the Top 10 most walkable cities in the world are in Europe. These are Munich, Milan, and Warsaw, followed by Helsinki, Paris, Tokyo (the only non-European city on the list), Madrid, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.

The Top 5 least walkable cities worldwide are Johannesburg, Patra in Greece; Dallas and Houston in Texas, US; and Manila in the Philippines. Completing the Top 10 list of the least walkable cities are Bangkok, Mumbai, Cape Town, Quito, and Chicago.